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As pioneers and innovators, we are redefining the world of non – surgical aesthetic procedures by bringing clinics the most effective, results-driven technology to their clients for the best ROI possible. 

As we bring you the best in class in medical aesthetics from around the world to your clinic, you too may offer unique and effective solutions to your clients.  We go above and beyond to offer the newest and best technologies by sourcing them on a global level, providing our clients with marketing support and one-on-one training to ensure a quick return on your investment.  

We push the boundaries of what’s possible, going above and beyond, so that you can give clients the safest and most effective solutions in the industry.  

Revolutionizing Aesthetic Enhancement

Unlock Limitless Possibilities: Elevate Your Medspa’s Offerings with ION STREAM 680 PRO

Discover the ultimate in versatility and effectiveness with the ION STREAM 680 PRO, an innovative breakthrough that goes beyond conventional beauty norms.

Tesla Med ION STREAM 680 PRO is an innovative and unique system, which exploits a packet-sampling ion flows and microcurrent generator.

With its state-of-the-art technology, this powerhouse machine redefines the landscape of beauty treatments, offering an impressive array of over 10 distinct therapies from a single device.

With specialized handpieces crafted for targeting unique imperfections across various body areas, the ION STREAM 680 PRO provides a tailored and accurate solution for every client. It is the ideal response to the evolving demands of the aesthetics industry, allowing practitioners to address a wide range of needs with one versatile tool.

For Best Results

Amalian, a luxury health and beauty brand that sells dermal fillers manufactured in Germany, is a line of Health Canada licensed medical devices, revolutionary dermal fillers that allows individuals to obtain long-lasting, visible results via non-surgical treatment on all areas of the face.

Clinic owners, doctors, and nurses will reap the benefits of partnering with a customer focused distribution of aesthetic medical devices, that is focused on supplying the highest quality dermal fillers.

The Power of Pure Plasma

The future of skin rejuvenation has arrived.

The ultimate treatment from low to high energy for different treatments, making this an all in-one device!!

Our FDA cleared device acts with maximum control of the energy and depth of action, for maximum patient safety and long-lasting results.

It can be performed all year round with virtually no downtime.

Providing total rejuvenation of the skin all in one plasma device!

Burn Fat. Build Muscle.

Is the most advanced and intensive electric muscle stimulator.

It’s cutting-edge technology in non-invasive body contouring, that simultaneously combines Radiofrequency heating and HIFEM procedure to reduce fat and build muscle.

Applicators Optimized for Any Treatment

Designed with 360° Surround Cooling Technology, the multiple cooling cups fit all curves and contours from as high as your chin all the way down to the knees to deliver absolute, non-invasive body contouring your way.

The best combination with MFU (Microfocused Ultrasound)+ SD (Synergy Dotting) technology.

Maximize the clinical results, minimize the treatment pain and swelling. Double lifting effects with SD overlapping treatment after linear and dotting procedure.



One Device. 2 Applicators.

4 Wavelengths.

Facial tip: diameter is 8mm, easy to treat small areas that are normally hard to reach, including the ears, nostrils and glabella.



New Generation – MESOPENGUN
Need more speed?

The fastest of its kind in the world
MPGUN allows automatic and quick medication needling during mesotherapy treatments. Frequent scanning ability and adjustable dosing makes MPGUN a natural choice for quick, painless and woundless results.

Infinite Speed in the Revival of Beauty
Able to work at a tremendously high speed, MPGUN is your best choice in the revival of beauty.

Safety Mode On




  • High Definition Ultrasound
  • Easy-to-use app for iOS and Android
  • Steadfast wireless connection
  • Convenient cloud exam management
  • Affordable pricing (financing available)

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